Easiest Way To Earn Commissions

After reviewing many ‘make money online’ programs in the market, I feel that the easiest way to earn an income is through Earn Easy Commissions (EEC). Let us see below how does EEC work…

You get a Referral Link. And you share it. That’s it. That’s all you have to do. Once you share your Referral Link, you’ll start earning commissions on complete autopilot.

Now, how much you earn will depend on which level you’re at. There are 3 levels altogether:

  1. Free Member or Active Member
  2. Pro Member
  3. VIP Partner

You cannot skip any level. i.e. you must upgrade in order.

How much you earn depends on which level you’re at:

Free Members earn:

  • $2 per “Active Member” (An “Active Member” is a member that sets up their Money System)

Active Members earn:

  • $2 per “Active Member”
  • $20 per Pro Member upgrade (you make)
  • $10 per Pro Member upgrade that your members make (i.e. if your members make a Pro sale, you’ll earn commissions as well)

Pro Members earn:

  • $5 per “Active Member”
  • $100 per Pro Member upgrade (you make)
  • $50 per Pro member upgrade that your members make (i.e. if your members make a Pro sale, you’ll earn commissions as well)
  • Affiliate Commissions on Udimi
  • Affiliate Commissions on TrafficForMe
  • Affiliate Commissions on Leased Ad Space
  • Affiliate Commissions on Infinity Traffic Boost
  • Affiliate Commissions on Wealthy Affiliate
  • Lifetime Affiliate Commissions on any other products recommended inside the EEC membership area

VIP Partners earn:

  • Everything that Pro Members earn and on top of that:
  • 100% Commission on VIP Sales (up to $2,000 per sale)
  • Affiliate Commissions on Get Response
  • Affiliate Commissions on Click Magick

NOTE: your work does not change depending on which level you’re at. It will always stay the same. You will only ever need to share your Referral Link to start earning. The different levels just allow you to earn MORE for the exact SAME amount of work.

These are the products/ services EEC provides. Hence these are the products/ services you’re promoting when sharing your Referral Link:

  • Free building of the Money System (service) – the EEC team builds all members their Money System completely for free. Members just need to get their own two tools – Click Magick & Get Response for the EEC team to build it for them
  • Chuck’s Done-For-You Swipe Vault (product)
  • [PRO] Chuck’s Digital Elites Academy (product) – this is a membership which includes all of Chuck’s online courses that he’s ever created in his lifetime (approx. 20 courses altogether). The courses teach you on how to become an affiliate marketer as well as online entrepreneur)
  • [VIP] Chuck’s Inner Circle Group Coaching (service) – this is a Facebook membership which only VIP Partners get access to. Here, Chuck does group coaching for all his VIP Partners on leadership.
  • [VIP] Chuck’s 12-months one-on-one email coaching (service) – this is where members can be coached one-on-one by Chuck himself.

If you want to get free coaching on EEC, please click HERE to join our team.

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