The Right Mindset To Success

Your mindset is the first step toward success. This is very important since the lack of it will lead to self-sabotage. Most people, even without the knowledge of it, end up self-sabotaging. So what do you need to do? Here are 6 daily habits you can cultivate that will set you on the right path.

Step 1 – Get Mindful

First things first, in the morning immediately you set your feet on the floor get your mindset right. Let it be your ritual like brushing your teeth is. But let it mean more since you can get by without brushing your teeth in the morning. One thing that will spoil your day is the wrong mindset.

Step 2 – Smile

Try this little exercise. After you are awake how do you feel? Happy, grateful, confident? If you feel none of those things then fake that smile over and over again until you smile for real. If you can’t smile just try showing your teeth for 20 minutes and by the time it’s over you will be certainly smiling.

Smiling tells your brain you are happy and will make your body release the happy chemicals. Standing or sitting up straight makes you feel more positive about life. In the end, you end up happy! You can also try remembering your most enjoyable moment. Just thinking about it makes you happy.

Step 3 – Boost Your Confidence

Now, how about, we get your confidence up. Recall all those times you did something, and it became successful. Remember how grateful you were? Now get a journal and write about ten things you are thankful for. Easy, right? By doing this, you will start feeling accomplished, unstoppable, energetic and ready to make another success.

Look at that list you just finished making. You see how grateful and happy you are of those achievements? That list should always show you how far you have come. Remember all the struggles you went through to accomplish them. It makes you proud of yourself right? Always remember that pride whenever you feel like it is impossible to get to that goal. Imagine how good it will feel when you finally achieve that goal.

Step 4 – Visualize Your Day Ahead

Before your day starts, picture yourself being productive. Very productive. Imagine yourself at the end of the day, can you see how happy and accomplished you will feel after knowing you got everything you had set out to do, done. See how confident you feel, that’s the confidence that will get you through the day. That’s the confidence that will make you more than productive.

Step 5 – Exercise and Get Fresh Air

Go outside and get yourself some fresh air. You can get the fresh air as you get a workout done, you can go for a run, a walk or anything you count as exercise. This will get the blood flowing into your brain. Energetic, happy and stress-free… ready to start your day. That’s you!

Step 6 – Work Your To Do List

Back in the house, grab a cup of coffee, tea or whatever and go through your to-do list for the day. Arrange them in order of priority, assign the time it will take you to get them done and start accomplishing. Always do this in advance so that you don’t waste all your day on one item.

This may sound like simple advice but why are the majority of people not doing this? Not enough time? Too much hassle? Hard to break a bad habit?

A very intelligent man by the name Abraham Lincoln said that if he were to cut down a tree, he would use four of those hours sharpening his axe. Why did he say that, you ask? Because if his axe is sharp enough, cutting the tree down is going to be a breeze. If it isn’t sharp enough cutting down the tree will be a challenging job.

This teaches us that accomplishing goals will be a straightforward job with the right mindset. This is because the right mindset is the first step and the most important job when it comes to accomplishing success.

Do you want to accomplish something within a month? Start by writing it down. Also, write how you are going to achieve it and what methods you will use. Start by getting rid of all the stuff that that is wasting your time. Is it your TV, phone, social media networks? Get rid of all of them. Second, get yourself in the right mindset. Third, view yourself using the eyes of a successful person because you are a success. Finally, get busy and start accomplishing.

YOU are the only barrier between you and that dream of yours. Be it a business dream or any other dream. No one will do it for you. People will mock you, try to bring you down, show you how you can’t do it. Know this, if you don’t try and give it your all you will never know if you can.

Will you be able to achieve that thing you wrote down in just a month? Yes and no. What I am sure of is that you will be a lot closer to making it if you have the right mindset. Step by step you will get there. Get yourself together. You are the boss of you and your dreams. You are a success – just start acting like it.

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