21 Resources for Profitable Niche Ideas

Niche ideas are all around you, offline and online. I’m about to share with you 21 resources and ways to get good ideas for niches. Get out a pad and a pen and make a list of potential niches because you’re about to discover literally thousands of them. There are profitable niches everywhere; I want you to write down the ones you resonate with. You don’t need to be an expert in a niche to break into it.

Niche Discovery Resource #1:


For hobby and topical niche ideas, check out Magazines.com and browse the various categories.

If there’s enough interest in a subject that there’s a popular magazine based around it, then you may have a profitable niche on your hands! Also, if you happen to have a subscription to any of the magazines at magazines.com, then you can find great niche ideas by checking out the paid ads inside the magazines.

Niche Discovery Resource #2:

Offer Vault

You can search CPA offers that will give you plenty of niche ideas at Offer Vault.

One of the best parts about Offer Vault is that you don’t even have to search for anything to get profitable niche ideas. Right when you land on the site, you’ll see the offers that are paying the highest per lead.

Niche Discovery Resource #3:

Amazon Best Sellers

You can get good physical product niche ideas by checking out the Amazon Best Sellers list. You can browse the best selling products in any category.

Another thing you may want to take a look at for niche ideas is the Table of Contents of best selling books by using the “Look Inside” feature on Amazon.com. There are sub-niches galore to be discovered inside the tables of contents of these books.

Niche Discovery Resource #4:

National Enquirer Ads

The National Enquirer has the most expensive ad space of any print publication, so pay attention to the ads you see inside each issue you read.

If advertisers are paying that kind of money to run their ads, then the offers they’re running must be hot. Take a look at what they’re advertising in these mega expensive advertisements because where there are hot offers, there are hot niche ideas.

Niche Discovery Resource #5:


You can get some great niche ideas on ebay, particularly if you dig down.

You can browse categories and browse stores on eBay to spark niche ideas. The categories section is one of the most in-depth I’ve seen, so give it a look and see what niches are out there.

Niche Discovery Resource #6:


I’m sure you’ve seen the  For Dummies books over the years.

If a subject has profit potential, then they make a book about it. What most internet marketers don’t know is that Dummies.com is an excellent place to get niche ideas by browsing the various For Dummies books.

Niche Discovery Resource #7:


One great way to find out what people are talking about on forums is by using a forum search engine like BoardReader.

You can type in a topic like “Weight Loss” and find out what people are talking about in various forum threads. Pay attention to the problems they’re talking about and get niches ideas from them, because people pay for solutions to problems.

Niche Discovery Resource #8:


Flippa is a massive marketplace for buying and selling websites.

As you look through the marketplace, pay attention to the expensive sites and ones that are making a profit because if those sites are making a profit, then why can’t you have a site in the same niche that makes a profit as well?

You can actually reverse engineer these websites in a way, to find out how their links were built, what type of content they have, and who their audience is by using a tool like Quantcast.

Niche Discovery Resource #9:

Clickbank Marketplace

If you’re a digital products marketer then you no doubt already know about ClickBank and the ClickBank Marketplace.

Besides internet marketing related products, the CB Marketplace is a great place to find niches based on Gravity. Each product in the marketplace has a Gravity Score (Grav), which is a measurement of how many affiliates have had success promoting a product, so you can find some profitable niches by looking at the products with the highest Gravity.

Niche Discovery Resource #10:


 JVZoo is a newer affiliate network, but growing by leaps and bounds. It is one of the major affiliate networks for digital goods across all niches, so you should join and take a look at the products in the marketplace.

The best part about JVZoo is you can see the $ Per Click (the Earnings Per Click) of each product, so the higher the EPC, the higher converting it is. Products with the highest EPCs may give you good ideas for niches that have high converting products.

Niche Discovery Resource #11:

Pay Dot Com

You can find niche ideas by also browsing the Pay Dot Com marketplace.

Pay Dot Com is another digital products affiliate network like ClickBank and JVZoo, bigger than JVZoo yet smaller than ClickBank. The best niche ideas you can get from Pay Dot Com will come from the Top Sellers section.

Niche Discovery Resource #12:

Recurring TV Infomercials

You may or may not be a fan of infomercials, but nonetheless, they are great for conjuring up niche ideas! When you see an infomercial running multiple times, then chances are that infomercial is profitable. Try to figure out who the ideal customer is for that product.

You can actually promote many of these products you see in infomercials in CPA networks.

Niche Discovery Resource #13:

Google Trends

You’ll get a good idea of what topics are hot at any given moment by using Google Trends.

It’s also a good idea to type in subjects such as “weight loss” into Google Trends, because you’ll find related news articles. You can get some great niche ideas from those news articles. Just beware that trends come and go, obviously, so you may not want to base an entire business on trends.

Niche Discovery Resource #14:

Yahoo! Answers

When you’re looking to find out what kind of problems people are having and what solutions they’re looking for, Yahoo! Answers can be an almost magical tool.

If you have no idea what you’re looking for, then you can browse categories to find potential niche ideas. If you have a question in mind, then type it into the search box to see what related questions people are asking, and try to find the most pressing problems.

Niche Discovery Resource #15:

Shopping.com Popular Pages

Shopping.com is where consumers go to compare products. You’ll get niche ideas by exploring their list of Most Popular Products and Popular Pages.

Niche Discovery Resource #16:

Yahoo! Shopping

Yahoo! Shopping can give you great ideas for profitable niches with their Shopping Insider articles.

Looking at the front page right now I’m getting ideas like Prom Styles and Valentine’s Day Gifts. Browse articles by category and you’ll end up with a good list of possible niches.

Niche Discovery Resource #17:


Although  Ezinearticles.com got drilled by Google’s Panda update, it is still a massive resource for niche ideas for you to take a look at.

You’ll get niche ideas by browsing different categories and seeing what these authors are writing about. If a particular author has many posts, pay attention to what subjects he or she is writing about because no body writes that many articles for no reason. There may be profit potential.

Niche Discovery Resource #18:

Google Keyword Tool

The Google Keyword tool can be used to find sub-niches galore. (Do a Google search for “Google Keyword Tool”).

When you have a keyword like “weight loss”, type it into the Google Keyword tool, then select “only show ideas closely related to my search terms”. You’ll start to see long-tail keywords related to the keyword that will begin to dig deeper and find sub- niches.

Niche Discovery Resource #19:

AdSense Sandbox

AdSense Sandbox is a fun site that will show you AdSense ads that are running on sites related to the subject you submit.

When you see the ads that are running and what products and services are being promoted, you should start getting good niche ideas. Pay close attention to the similarities of products because you may be onto something if you see the same type of product over and over.

Niche Discovery Resource #20:

Bottom Line Publications

If you’re looking for niche ideas related to Health in particular, then Bottom Line Publications is an excellent resource.

When you go to the site, browse the subjects of their books and newsletters because they are bigtime direct marketers. If these niches are responsive to their direct marketing tactics, then they may be responsive to yours as well.

Niche Discovery Resource #21:


Mixrank will show you PPC ads that are running in various niches when you submit an advertiser, keyword, or publisher into the field.

The best part is Mixrank will tell you how long an ad has been running. The longer an ad has been running, generally the more profitable that offer is, so you can see how you can get some niche ideas that are more likely to be profitable. There’s a free and a paid version, but the paid version is unnecessary with what we’re trying to accomplish here.

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