Get 100-200 Leads Per Day For Only $1 Using My Lead Gen Secret

What is My Lead Gen Secret

My Lead Gen Secret (MLGS) is the brainchild of Jim Harmon. Jim and his partners share permission based leads within their trusted network. As a member of MLGS, Jim will share 100 of these permission based leads with you every day, allowing you to get more traffic and make more money.

The goal with My Lead Gen Secret is to help you start making money online. 100 high-quality leads and obtaining a custom-built emailing system would usually set you back thousands of dollars, but today you can get started for just $60.

As soon as you complete your order, your first 100 high-quality leads will be sent to you. And as long as you keep an active membership, you’ll continue to get 100 high-quality leads every 24 hours! You can decide to download those leads, and import them into your own autoresponder, or you can use the free custom-built mailing system to email the leads. With this system you are allowed to send out one email per day. Perfect for those who don’t have an autoresponder.

As long as you stay an active member, the custom-built mailing system as well as full detailed tracking of your mailings are included for free.

The results you’ll get from these leads depend on your willingness to convert your leads into sales. In no way is the program promising you “free money”, but the program is gong its best to make the process as simple as possible for you.

What You Get With My Lead Gen Secret

  • 100 of best business opportunity and internet marketing leads sent to you daily (that’s 3,000 leads a month!)
  • First & last name, email address, IP address, and date of acquisition of every lead
  • Done-for-you emailing platform (CAN-SPAM Compliant)


  • First Month: $60 ($30/month + $30 1-time setup fee)
  • Ongoing: $30/month for as long as you like!

Earn Money as an Affiliate

The MLGS Compensation plan gives you unlimited earning potential. Earn commission by selling MLGS memberships and master swipes to customers. The MLGS Compensation plan allows Affiliates to achieve the highest levels of payment, FAST!

  1. You receive $5/month on personal membership sales to customers who purchase directly from your affiliate link (Level 1).
  2. You receive $4/month on your personally sponsored Affiliate’s membership sales (Level 2), $3/month on the membership sales of the people they personally sponsor (Level 3), $2/month on levels 4 and $1/month on level 5.
  3. One time commissions are paid out on master swipe purchases at $5, $4, $3, $2, $1 (5 levels deep) on $29.95 pricing and $10, $8, $6, $4 & $2 (5 levels deep) on $59.95 pricing.

NOTE: Commission will be accumulated until they reach a gross amount of $30, at which time they will be paid on upon request. Commissions will be paid out via PayPal, Check or Bitcoin.

Weekly Superstars Bonus Contest

Win an UNLIMITED Number of $100 Bonuses Each Week By Simply Referring FIVE New Confirmed Membership Sales in a 7-day Contest Period.

For every 5 paid new customers you refer in a one week period, you’ll earn a $100 cash bonus. There is no limit! Refer 25 new paid customers in one week and you’ll earn $500!

Your new customer referrals will be counted for one calendar week. A “week” is defined as 12:00am Monday through 11:59pm Sunday, Pacific Time.

Earn Bonus Leads

Double Your Leads From 100 Per Day To 200 Per Day For Life By Simply Referring ONE Confirmed Member.

As soon as you get your first referral, you will be given 100 BONUS LEADS every day. You will continue to receive a total of 200 leads per day as long as at least one of your referrals remains active.

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