3 Tips to Increase Your Ecommerce Store SEO Rankings

Personally, I utilize paid advertising more, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love free SEO traffic too! Here are some tips you can use for boosting your SEO traffic:.

Tip #1 – Add a blog to your store and post in it weekly. 

A blog isn’t necessary, but it is helpful. Why? Because the Google algorithm prioritizes fresh, new content over old content because it has a higher chance of being more relevant to visitors. If Google see’s that you’re updating your website every week, it’ll give your store a boost in the search engines. The easiest way to add new content to your site each week is by having a blog. Don’t post small blog posts: Ensure they are at least 500 words each.

Tip #2 – Aim to put at least 400 words on your product pages. 

This can be a challenge to do sometimes if you’re trying to combine your store with paid traffic. Why? Because when it comes to conversions, less can often be more: And 400 words is a lot. Wordy product pages can be distracting to the visitor. Yet Google loves to see this. So… how can you please Google while keeping your conversion rate high then?

The solution then is to add in tabs into your product page. Have a preview of the description, and then have a button/tab that people can click to see the full product description. Google doesn’t mind this and doesn’t consider it cheating. It’s a win-win!

Tip #3: Pick a social platform (like Facebook or Instagram) and focus on building it up.

Why? Because it adds authority to your brand. If Google’s search engine see’s that you have a Facebook page, or an Instagram connected to your page with thousands of fans/followers, it means that it is a legitimate brand/store and it gives it authority. The Google algorithm LOVES authority, and so this will increase your standings in their search engine.

Now, you don’t have to focus on just one platform if you have lots of time – focus on multiple! But if you are stretched for time, then I recommend picking one and focusing your time on it. My personal preference is Facebook, but I’ve got friends who are earning incredible amounts by focusing on Instagram. Pick the one that you prefer.

And, of course – building up a social platform will have the added benefit of being another source of traffic (and sales) too!

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