The Ultimate List Of Lead Magnet Ideas

Are you stuck for lead magnet ideas? Good news… you’re about to get unstuck! The following you’ll find 101 ideas across a variety of niches and types, including reports, apps, mind maps and more. Check them out…

Ebook And Reports

1. [Number] Ways to [Get a Benefit]

Example: 27 Ways To Boost Your Conversion Rates

2. The Secrets Of [Getting a Good Result]

Example: The Secrets of Getting Rid of Garden Pests Naturally

3. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About [Topic]

Example: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Buying a New Car

4. The Beginner’s Guide to [Topic]

Example: The Beginner’s Guide to Golf

5. The Quick and Easy Way to [Get Some Result]

Example: The Quick And Easy Way To Get Rid of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

6. How to [Get Some Result] In Just [Short Time Period]

Example: How to Start a Church In Just 60 Days

7. The #1 Way to [Get Some Benefit]

Example: The #1 Way to Get Rid of Cellulite

8. What Your [Type of Person] Doesn’t Want You To Know

Example: What Your Real Estate Agent Doesn’t Want You To Know

9. [Number] Easy Steps to [Getting a Benefit]

Example: Three Easy Steps to Writing Better Sales Letters

10. The Surprising Truth About [Topic]

Example: The Surprising Truth About Traveling Europe On A Shoestring Budget


11. The Ultimate [Type of] App

Example: The Ultimate SEO App

12. The [type/benefit]-izer

Example: The Conversionizer App For Marketers

13. The [Type of] Calculator

Example: The Fat-Loss and Calorie-Counting Calculator

14. The [Type of] Planner

Example: The Blogger’s Publishing Planner

15. The [Type of] Generator

Example: The Headline Generator App

Planners And Calendars

16. The [Type of Person’s] Weekly Planner

Example: The Competitive Bodybuilder’s Weekly Planner

17. 30 Days to [Results]

Example: 30 Days To Your First Novel

18. The Complete Planner for [Type of Person]

Example: The Complete Meal Planner For the Low-Carb Dieter

19. [Get Results] in 24 Hours

Example: Get More Traffic In 24 Hours

20. Swipe This [Type of] Planner

Example: Swipe This Zone 3 Gardening Planner

Mind Maps

21. The Complete Guide to [Topic]

Example: The Complete Guide to Growing Beautiful Roses

22. Seeing [Topic] In a New Way

Example: Seeing Novel Writing In A New Way

23. A Crash Course in [Topic]

Example: A Crash Course In Hydroponics

24. An Overview of [Topic]

Example: An Overview Of Starting Your Own Business

25. Planning [Topic]

Example: Planning Your Retirement

Tools: Checklists, Templates, Worksheets, etc

26. The [Topic/Type] Journal

Example: The Insomniac’s Sleep Journal

27. The [Topic/Type] Spreadsheet

Example: The Dieter’s Nutrition and Fitness Spreadsheet

28. The Surefire [Type] Log

Example: The Surefire Weight-Loss Log

29. [Get Some Great Result] With This [number] Point Checklist

Example: Sell Your Home Fast With This 77 Point Checklist

30. The Ultimate [Topic] Checklist

Example: The Ultimate RV-Vacation Checklist

31. The 10-Minute Worksheet for [Getting a Good Result]

Example: The 10-Minute Worksheet For Picking a Profitable Niche

33. How to [Get a Good Result] In [Number of Steps]

Example: How To Set Up a Blog In Five Easy Steps

34. [Number] [Type] Templates

Example: 17 Surefire Sales Letter Templates

35. [Type] Templates For Every [Occasion, Niche, etc]

Example: Press Release Templates For Every Occasion

36. The [Topic] Workbook

Example: The Debt-Management Workbook

37. The Step-By-Step Worksheet for [Getting a Good Result]

Example: The Step-By-Step Worksheet For Planning Your Novel

38. The [Topic] Quick Start Checklist

Example: The Product-Launch Quick Start Checklist

39. The [Topic/Type of] Swipe File

Example: The Copywriter’s Headline Swipe File

Trial Offers

40. The One-Week [Type Of] Sneak Peek

Example: The One-Week Fat-Be-Gone Sneak Peek

41. [Start Getting A Good Result] With This Free Trial

Example: Connect With Other Entrepreneurs With This Free Trial

42. [Product]: $0 For One Month

Example: The Home Buyer’s Resource: $0 for 1 Month

43. Find Out What [Product] Can Do For You

Example: Find Out What Can Do For You!

44. [Get A Good Result] – Start Now for Free!

Example: Save Your Marriage – Start Now for Free!

Video Tutorials

45. The Five-Minute Guide to [Getting a Benefit]

Example: The Five-Minute Guide to Fixing Cracks In You Steering Wheel

46. A Crash Course in [Some Topic]

Example: A Crash Course in Training For An Ultra Marathon

47. The [Topic] Demo That Will Blow You Mind

Example: The Lure-Tying Demo That Will Blow Your Mind

48. [Topic] Made Easy

Example: Making Money On Etsy Made Easy

49. [Topic], Explained (In Just Three Minutes)

Example: Conversion Testing Explained

50. The Step-By-Step Process for [Getting Some Result]

Example: The Step-By-Step Process For Target Training Your Deaf Dog

51. How to [Get Some Result]

Example: How To Get Into Graduate School

 Gear Lists And Buyer’s Guides

52. The [Type of] Buyer’s Guide

Example: The Marathon Runner’s Shoe-Buying Guide

53. The [Number] Tools Every [Person] Ought To Be Using

Example: The Seven Tools Every Online Marketer Ought To Be Using

54. Save Time and Money With These [Type of] Tools

Example: Save Time and Money With These Writing Tools

55. What The World’s [Best Type of Person] Use to [Get a Good Result]

Example: The Plugins The World’s Best Bloggers Use to Get More Traffic

56. [Number] [Type Of Resources] You Never Knew Existed

Example: The 15 Bodybuilding Supplements You Never Knew Existed

57. The [Type of Person’s] Ultimate Resource Guide

Example: The Career-Builder’s Ultimate Resource Guide

Cheat Sheets

58. The [Topic] Cheat Sheet

Example: The Business Accounting Cheat Sheet

59. The Handy Dandy Guide to [Topic]

Example: The Handy Dandy Guide to Losing 10 Pounds

60. The Essential [Topic] Guide

Example: The Essential Home-Birthing Guide

61. The Printable, Hang-able [Type Of] Cheat Sheet

Example: The Printable, Hang-able Social Media Traffic Cheat Sheet

62. [Number] Tips For [Getting a Good Result]

Example: 17 Tips For Eating a Diabetes-Friendly Diet

63. [Get a Good Result] With These [Number] Easy Steps

Example: Get Rid of Back Pain With These 7 Easy Steps


64. The Surprising Way [Something Works]

Example: The Surprising Way Your Metabolism Works

65. [Number] Facts and Figures For [Group]

Example: 15 Facts and Figures For Social Media Marketers

66. A Sobering Look at [Topic] [Statistics, Data, Etc]

Example: A Sobering Look At Drug Addiction Statistics

67. The Art and Science of [Topic]

Example: The Art and Science Of Building Muscle

68. A Close Look At [Topic]

Example: A Close Look At Cancer

69. The Amazing Benefits Of [Some Topic]

Example: The Amazing Benefits of Coconut Oil

Multipart eCourses

70. The Five-Step Guide to [Getting a Benefit]

Example: The Five-Step Guide to Getting a Promotion

71. The Seven Secrets of [Getting a Benefit]

Example: The Seven Secrets To Younger Looking Skin

72. One Week to [Getting Some Good Result]

Example: One Week To a Beautifully Landscaped Yard

73. The Three Day Crash Course For [Getting a Good Result]

Example: The Three Day Crash Course For Creating a Bestselling Product

74. Five Things You Need to Know About [Topic]

Example: Five Things You Need To Know About Grooming Your Poodle

75. Three Easy Steps [To a Good Result]

Example: Three Easy Steps to Securing Your Computer

76. Seven Surefire Ways to [Get a Good Result]

Example: Seven Surefire Ways to Slim Your Thighs

Membership Sites

77. The [Type of] Vault

Example: The Marketer’s Vault

78. An Intensive Yearlong Guide to [Topic/Benefit]

Example: An Intensive Yearlong Guide to a Better Marriage

79. [Topic]-osophy or [Topic]-ology

Example: Moneyosophy

80. [Topic] University

Example: Dog Training University

81. [Topic] 101

Example: Copywriting 101

82. The Comprehensive Guide to [Topic]

Example: The Comprehensive Guide To Getting Into Medical School

83. The [Topic] Club

Example: The Social Media Marketer’s Club


84. Your [Type of] Questions Answered

Example: Your Home Remodeling Questions Answered

85. [Number] [Niche] Experts, [Time Period]: This is [Topic] Simplified

Example: 5 Financial Experts, 2 Hours: This is Retirement Planning Simplified

86. Watch This Live [Type of] Demo

Example: What This Live Carburetor Cleaning Demo

87. [Niche’s] Top Experts Discuss [Topic]

Example: Copywriting Top Experts Discuss How to Craft the Perfect P.S.

88. How to Install [Software, Electronics, Etc]

Example: How To Install WordPress

89. Learn [Some Topic]

Example: Learn To Speak French

90. Become a [Type of] Expert

Example: Become a Wet-Sanding Expert


91. The 15-Minute [Topic] Consult

Example: The 15-Minute Fitness-Competition Consult

92. Get Your Free [Type Of] Critique

Example: Get Your Free “Curb Appeal” Critique

93. Get Your Five Toughest [Type of] Questions Answered

Example: Get Your Five Toughest Marketing Questions Answered

94. Personalized [Type of Plans]

Example: Personalized Training Plans For The Ultra Marathoner

95. Group Coaching For [Getting Some Result]

Example: Group Coaching For Becoming a Better Writer

96. Improve [Some Desirable Thing]

Example: Improve Your Relationships With Your Children

97. Learn [Topic/Skill] With This Live Demo

Example: Learn To Build a Raised Flower Bed With This Live Demo

98. Test Your [Topic] Knowledge

Example: Test Your Bible Knowledge

99. What Do You Know About [Topic]?

Example: What Do You Know About Balancing Your Diet?

100. The [Type Of] Toolkit For [Getting Some Result]

Example: The Newlywed’s Toolkit For Developing a Deeper Relationship With Your Spouse

101. The [Type of] Discount Club

Example: The Organic Gardener’s Discount Club

You just uncovered 101 lead magnet ideas, plus I’m betting this list sparked another dozen or more ideas. So what’s next? Pick one and get to work creating it! But, before you do, read this…

IMPORTANT: It’s worth noting that lead magnets are NOT exclusively to be created for building new lists, but also for monetizing existing lists.

In other words, while you should create lead magnets as “ethical bribes” to convince people to join your list (or those on your main list to join a segmented list)…

…you should ALSO send out lead magnets to your existing subscribers to presell an offer.

The purpose of a lead magnet is to get leads, right? Actually, the purpose goes beyond that. The purpose is to get ORDERS. Don’t lose sight of that.  A lead doesn’t make you money unless he or she buys something.

Some of the ideas listed previously are great options for getting people to JOIN your list while others might serve your niche better as freemiums to presell your existing subscribers.

There is no reason why you can’t have the best of both worlds.

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