5 Simple Hacks to Know if a Niche is Profitable

One of the worse things you can do as a marketer is enter a niche blindly. No one wants to spend time and money developing a product, building a campaign, and promoting it only to find that it doesn’t sell.

So how do you solve this problem and know with 100% certainty if a product will sell. Well luckily for you, other marketers have gone through this costly process leaving a trail of evidence behind.

Here are 5 very simple quick checks you can do to see if a niche is profitable and worth building a business around…

Check #1 – Are there products currently being sold related to your niche on shopping sites?

Check shopping sites like Amazon, eBay, Google, ClickBank, JVZoo. Check the sales stats, gravity scores, seller feedback, reviews and paid ads. These tell you what’s selling right now so there’s no need to second guess!

Check #2 – Are there many types of products in that niche?

For example in ClickBank’s ‘health and fitness’ category you’ll see weight loss guides like… Leptitox, Cinderalla Solution, Organifi, Keto Diet, Flat Belly Fix, Eat Sleep Burn and more. The more products the better because not only does it tell you what’s selling but gives you plenty of products to promote as an affiliate.

Check #3 – Are there paid memberships sites with recurring billing dedicated to that niche?

Example, check the ClickBank ‘health and fitness’ category again. Organize it by ‘Avg%/rebill’ and you’ll see ‘Ketogenic Accelerator’ with an average rebill total of $164.23 with initial sale of $7.92. This means that seemingly unprofitable spending habits can lead to a long term membership commitment, even potential for high-ticket offers.

Check #4 – Are there solo ad providers in that niche?

Check solo ad sites like udimi.com, safe-swaps.com and warriorforum.com special offers. If a marketer invests many years building a niche list… not to mention spends $1000s on content creation and advertising… do you think there is profit to be made?… You bet! If there are several solo ad providers that can sell 500-1000+ email clicks then you know there’s money to be made in that niche!

Check #5 – Are there enough monthly searches and long-tail keywords available?

Check Google’s Keyword Planner or keywordtool.io – type in a primary keyword like ‘weight loss’ and look for variations with a consistent monthly search volume and medium to low competition. Consistency means it’s evergreen and the traffic will always be there. Low competition means there’s a chance for you to rank for those keywords easily to get free traffic.

Knowing this you can now create content such as blog posts, articles, videos, audios, infographics, reports and more optimized around those keywords. You’ll get ranked on search engines, directories, video sites, file sharing sites, social media networks and more for free organic traffic. Direct that traffic to your website and you’ve made a sale!

Remember the evidence is ALWAYS in front of you and now with these 5 steps alone you have the sites, tools and methodology to know if a niche is profitable.

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