Get 10 Beautiful Squeeze Pages Setup for You!

There are only 2 things you need to make a consistent income online, a product and a list.

Products can be created within a matter of days with the help of resell rights and PLR. However building a sizable and responsive email list that buys your products can take months, even years. So it only makes sense that you should spend most of your time building your list, right? However if it was that easy why isn’t everyone doing this?

Well the reality is most marketers simple don’t have the skills to put together a high-performing squeeze page, give-away report and email campaign. And even when they do manage to put something basic together, the sign up rates are so low, that it becomes pointless to send any traffic.

So what are your options? You could grab some cheap PLR squeeze pages… however you’ll still have to re-work the content to stand out from other marketers. You could invest in landing page software… however the results aren’t guaranteed because you’ve still got to come up with original sales copy and designs. You could continue to learn how to do this yourself… however it will be hit and miss and progress will be frustratingly slow.

Or you could have EVERYTHING done for you. Right now you can get an empire of high-converting list building campaigns setup for you within a matter of days. No need to come up with creative titles, no need to design jaw-dropping covers, no need to write persuasive sales copy, no need to write up useful reports with affiliate recommendations and no need to put together a series of autoresponder emails. It’s all done for you.

Here’s a quick look at what you’ll get with this unique setup…

* 10 squeeze pages setup for you on the most popular and evergreen internet marketing topics including… mindset, traffic generation, blogging, list building, affiliate marketing, social media, product creation, niche marketing, copywriting and email marketing! Each topic has been carefully selected to ensure your marketing funnels will NEVER go stale.

* Mobile-responsive landing pages with 2-step optin process and progress bar to maximize your signup rates. Each landing page has been carefully coded to look good on any desktop monitor, laptop, tablet, smartphone and everything in between. Font sizes will change, cover graphics will resize, background images will appear or disappear and the page layout will adapt depending on what device is viewing it.

* 10 giveaway reports branded with your affiliate IDs so you continue to profit. Every report is expertly written and titled in a way that provides actionable content without overwhelming your readers. We’ll also rebrand your reports with your ClickBank affiliate IDs which promotes our best performing sales funnel. Your subscribers will love you for it and be so glad they signed up with you.

* 10 stunning looking graphic covers to attract signups like wildfire. We put countless hours into designing attract cover graphics to make you look like a real pro who knows the subject inside out. Together with your sales copy, your visitors will find it really hard to resist your free offer.

* 70 follow-up emails added to your Aweber account (7 emails per squeeze page system). Now you’ll be able to keep in touch with your subscribers and deliver valuable content to them over the span of 2 weeks without lifting a finger!

* Subscriber list campaign added to your Aweber account and optimized for maximum signups. No need to learn how to setup a list campaign, no need to learn what settings to adjust, no need to learn how to add autoresponders into your list. It’s all done for you.

* Reports delivered to your subscribers via email to discourage fake email address inputs. Every report is delivered to your subscriber within your autoresponder. This discourages visitors from entering false email addresses and ensures you’re building a quality list and getting the highest open rates.

* Follow up emails personalized with your name, website and affiliate links. Every email that gets sent to your subscribers will have your name, website name, and cloaked affiliate IDs inside. You’ll be able to provide useful content and turn a profit effortlessly.

* Everything professionally setup for you within 7 working days. No need to go through a ton of tutorials. No need to experiment and second-guess what you’re doing. Now you can take advantage of this expert service and have EVERYTHING done correctly from day one so you can start promoting your landing pages and build your list without complete confidence.

Be sure to check out the entire package for yourself from the link below. If you take a closer look at each landing page, look at the design and read the sales copy, and have the slightest urge to sign up, then you’ll know that the system works and will build your list.

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