7 Resell Rights Profit Tricks

Before you setup your product and flesh out your first sales funnel, it’s always a good idea to sit down, think, and develop a well thought out step-by-step plan.

Afterall, there’s no use spending weeks working on something, then a few days working something else, then another week working on another thing. It’s too chaotic and the lack of focus and results can be quite discouraging.

So here’s a 7-step plan designed to get you small results first before you move onto the next task. You can apply in almost any niche and works very well if you have several products within that niche.

Idea #1 – Build a list! Choose an evergreen, desperate buyers niche and offer a free report or video course in exchange for an email address. Follow up with an email newsletter, more free reports and more free video training to keep your readers hooked.

Idea #2 – Setup any one of your niche products like ‘Healthy Eating’ on a popular network like ClickBank, DealGuardian, JVZoo, JVShare and give 75%-100% to your affiliates. The more you give, the more motivated your affiliates will be and the quicker they’ll be building your customer base.

Idea #3 – Promote your product as your own affiliate. Here’s a little trick. Grab your affiliate link for your own product and sell to your readers as though you are the affiliate. This will increase the rankings of your product listing the in the marketplace and over time will attract even more affiliates.

Idea #3 – Develop your sales funnel. Upsell ‘Green Smoothie Cleanse’ and ‘Juicing for Vitality’ for a similar price as your main offer and offer 50% commissions. Now your affiliates receive 75%-100% on the front-end, and 50% on the upsell. More commissions for them, more profit for you.

Idea #4 – Affiliate with relevant products. Now that you’re getting new customers entering your sales funnel, why not promote other products as an affiliate? Look for other related products with high rankings and gravity scores in the marketplace and add 3-7 emails promoting the offer to your autoresponder.

Idea #5 – Offer solo ads. You’ve built a niche list and you can generate a few hundred clicks per email. Why not sell the traffic to other niche marketers on sites like Udimi? You can sell your traffic for $0.50 to $1.00 a click or more depending on the quality of your list.

Idea #6 – Offer licensing rights to your business or flip it. If your business produces a consistent income, now you can sell it for multiple times it’s monthly revenue. You will attract a higher quality of customer. Afterall, who doesn’t like investing in things that are done for you?

Idea #7 – Repeat steps 1-6 in other niches. Why stick with one niche or one type of product? When you’ve mastered one area and squeezed as much profit from it as you can… it’s time to move on and dominate another market and repeat this process.

What you have here is a simple and practical 7-step plan that builds on from itself. Take the parts you like and feel that you can do, dismiss that parts you don’t. Make it your own. That’s the beauty of an online business. It’s yours and it’s flexible. You decide what you want to do.

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