The Different Types of Resell Rights Products

Generally speaking, resell rights are very much what one would suspect from the terms themselves. It means that once one has purchased a given product, they will be able to resell that product to others. That is the simple definition, there are actually several types of resell rights that one must be aware of that will affect how you can resell the product. The most common resell produces are eBooks and various pieces of software. However, the resell rights field is open to a wide gamete of products and services.

A commonality among most resell right packages is that they will not allow the purchaser to alter the product or content and/or change the information of the product in any way. It is important that if one decides to purchase resell rights for a certain product, that they always read the disclaimers and contract information extremely carefully. If one wanted to change the product or to edit the content, they would then need to contact the author or creator of the product and request a partnership or ask to buy the editing rights to the product as well.

Statistics show that the market for resell rights have drastically increased over the last 5 years, this is partly due to the fact that many people are searching for additional and/or supplemental income. It is also partly due to the increase in interest and success of ecommerce. Every day millions of people go online searching for information, products and services. On such product that has gained increasingly more interest recently has been the selling of resell rights.

There are four basic types of resell rights: resell rights, master resell rights, private label rights, and giveaway rights. Each one of these includes their own inherent advantages and disadvantages. However, a creative entrepreneur can take whatever disadvantages and work it for an advantage if they want to. Each one of this will be further examined as well as the benefits of each will be explored.

Resell Rights

Normal resell rights is pretty much what one would expect it to be, it means that once one buys the product they are able to sell it to their customers. That being said, this type of resell rights may also come with some limitations. For example, there may be a qualifier that says that the product can only be sold for a specific price. It means that you can sell this product to your customers and keep 100% of the profit.

Another caveat is that one cannot resell the resell rights. That is, when one has purchased the resell rights to a product, whenever they sell that product they can only sell the product itself, and not the resale rights. Basically it means that the product should only include the Personal Use Only right (PUO). Normal resell rights are usually cheaper and more common. They tend to protect the product and as well as allow the creator to continue to maintain a type of “copy right” status, meaning that they will always get credit for the work that they have done.

This first type of resell rights is a pretty safe one to begin with. It is simple and straight forward. It does not have many bells and whistles so to speak, but it is a great way to get some experience in the resell rights market while having to put in minimal work.

Master Resell Rights

The next type of resell rights is master resell rights. With master resell rights one can not only sell the product or service to just about whoever they want, they may also allow the customers to have the right to sell the product as well. In certain situations, one may also be able to pass along the master resell rights to their customers. This will allow one’s customers to not only sell the product but to pass along the resell rights as well.

Notice the advantage that this type of resell rights has over normal resell rights; here one is able to also pass along the rights to sell the product to their own customers, always at a price of course. This category of resell rights it typically more enticing to customers, and they are often willing to pay a higher price for it. One will have to pay a little more for this type of resell right on the front end, but it will not take long for that small initial investment to pay off big time.

Typically, a product sold with master resell rights will include a terms of use. This a very important piece of the master resell rights puzzle, so make sure that you know what the terms of use entails. Here is an example:

Master Resale Rights License Includes:

[YES] Can resell unlimited copies of the product for any price.

[YES] Can bundle in with other products.

[YES] Can pass along resell rights to customers.

[YES] Can pass along master resell rights to customers.

[YES] Can include in a paid membership site

[NO] Cannot sell the software on ebay or any other online auction sites.

[NO] Cannot give the software away for FREE.

The terms of use is fairly simple and straight forward. If you do not understand the terms of use put forth by a seller, then be sure to ask for clarification. It is important that you know what you can do with the product and what you can allow your customers to do with the product to prevent any future problems that might arise along the way. If there is not a visible terms of use with a product that advertises master resale rights, then it would be prudent to ask for one. It can save a look of headache latter on down the road.

Private Label Rights

Private label right are another type of resell rights. With private label rights, one may not only resell the product, but also has the option to edit the content or the product and claim it as your own work e.g. you would become its author. This is common in the ghostwriting market, where you can put your name to copy and change it up to your liking and take full credit. This is a great way to get known by name on the web. A note of caution is that you should also read and know what you are attaching your name to, do not endorse or sign anything that is not up to your quality standards. Once you put your name on it, it is your neck on the line.

The biggest advantage to private label rights is that you can have other people do most of the work and you can put your name on it. Again, quality control is key, but using private label rights allows you to get name brand recognition without the hours and hours spent writing and revising copy. It will take some time at your end to make the copy fit your style, but overall this is one of the better resell right deals out there.

Giveaway rights

The last type or resell rights is the giveaway rights. This basically means that a person may give away the product. There are several reasons why this is can be a good strategy. Giving away a product can create a general buzz about your business and products. It is also a great way to get your name out there in the middle of all of the other businesses. This principle is seen all over, examples in the retail field would be free pens, mugs, and t-shirts that are often given out during advertising campaigns.

A big advantage to this type of right is that allows you to give your customers something of value for free. This increases the likelihood of them returning to your website and making purchases from you. A slight disadvantage here is that you are not assured any profit from the giveaway. You put the giveaway rights in hopes that it will increase traffic and therefore increase sale on your website, but nothing is guaranteed.

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