Getting Started With Free Facebook Traffic Method

Overview of Free Facebook Traffic Method

1. 100% FREE TRAFFIC SOURCE. You do not need to spend a single cent because we will only be focusing on free methods and not paid ads.

2. 100% BEGINNER FRIENDLY. As long as you have a Facebook account and willing to connect with others, this method is for you.

3. LOW VOLUME BUT HIGH CONVERSIONS. You won’t be able to reach tens of thousands like you can with paid ads but the conversions are a lot higher.

4, TIME CONSUMING BUT WORTH IT. This is a manual free traffic method which means you will have to spend more time and more effort to make it work.

5. MUST BE WILLING TO TALK TO OTHERS. This method will not work if you are afraid to talk to others or share what you are doing online.

How To Get Started?

1. PROFESSIONAL LOOKING PROFILE IMAGE. People join people so make sure you look like someone your leads can trust.

2. PROFESSIONAL LOOKING COVER IMAGE. Same as point no.1 but this is also an opportunity to share your website or referral link.

3. ADD FRIENDS WITH THE SAME INTERESTS. Don’t use Facebook as a social platform, instead use it as a business platform to close sales.

4. DELETE ALL INACTIVE FRIENDS. There are lots of bots, fake accounts and people who will never be interested in what we are doing.

5. BE ENGAGING WITH OTHER POSTS. For this method to work, You need to be engaging and willing to show the world what you are doing.

Watch the following video for more explanation and examples:

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