Build a List Rapidly Using Solo Ads

The number one advice I always give to subscribers who are just starting out is to start building a list of subscribers – whatever industry you’re in. The fastest way is to use the power of solo ads. This is especially an effective tactic in industries such as internet marketing, finance, biz ops, diet & fitness, forex and self-improvement.

What are solo ads? There are list owners who are offering to email out your offer to their list of subscribers as a service. This tactic is a fast and easy way to not only make some quick sales but also to build a list of subscribers. Here’s what to do:

1. Prepare your “Lead Magnet” or opt-in page. The opt-in page looks similar to this:

Lead Magnet

Once your lead magnet and opt-in page is up and running, buy a solo ad from a seller of your choice. Here are two sites where you can browse and search for sellers:

Clickonomy – Good for industries around biz ops, internet marketing, finance, and diet & fitness.

Udimi – One of the more established marketplaces.
Udimi - Buy Solo Ads

You’ll find solo ad sellers who are, in essence, selling clicks. Typically, they sell a “click” for anywhere between $0.40 – $1.00. Now it’s time to choose a seller. Let me use Udimi as an example so you can see what things to look out for when determining whether to purchase from the seller or not:


(A) You’ll find the cost per click. (B) The number of ratings from other members. (C) Verification. A green tick represents the list has been verified. (D) The seller’s “pitch”. Clicking on one of the sellers, you’ll find more details of their service:


(A) The seller’s available dates. The screenshot above shows the 25th and 26th is available. (B) Choose the number of clicks (C) Udimi’s click filter setting. You can choose the quality of clicks you want. Choosing Base, No Proxy and T1 are good options for quality subscribers. (D) This is where you insert your email swipe. Your order will then be scheduled once you’ve made payment.

How much should you buy? Given that your opt-in page converts at 50%, for 100 clicks, you’ll gain approximately 50 subscribers. How much to buy really depends on your budget and how much you’re willing to invest. If you’re just starting out, I would recommend testing out with just 100 clicks first. As your list gets bigger, you should be earning enough to re-invest your money to buy bigger click packages of 200 or more. It’s important that I emphasize that you should be driving traffic from this source to your opt-in page rather than your sales page, simply because your aim is to build a list. You don’t want to be wasting your money driving traffic to your sales page when you could grab your visitors details first.

Once you’ve built a list, you can promote any product you’d like.

Udimi - Buy Solo Ads

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