Driving Traffic Via Pinterest

Pinterest, unlike some of the other emerging social networks, is something marketers need to take more seriously. Did you know that Pinterest drives more traffic to individual blogs and websites than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined? People are naturally drawn to attractive magazine quality images. Information can be processed very quickly when it’s seen as an image or picture and Pinterest makes it possible to leverage beautiful shareable images to drive more traffic to your site. It’s also a powerful way for users to discover things which they might not expect to find. It’s become a visual search engine for products and can link items together based on how they’ve been previously pinned or searched.

Optimizing your pin descriptions can have a dramatic effect on Pinterest search impressions. Try to anticipate what pinners might be looking for and include these terms in your pin descriptions. Make sure the description also includes any other important details about the pin. Your description has to encourage pinners to engage with your pin and eventually visit your site. Keep in mind that pins with generic keyword stuff descriptions are put offs and may be demoted in search. You need to be careful on tagging issues as there is really no reason to tag all your friends every time you post a pin. It would be pretty annoying if you do so and might cause some traffic loss. However, if a pin reminds you of someone or if you want to give credit to a particular pinner, do tag them. The person being tagged will more likely share your pin which helps to get your brand on other people’s radars in order to have your boards surface on Pinterest’s board search. Use meaningful names that pinners are likely to search for. You can have a mix of boards with specific names but don’t forget to write compelling and targeted descriptions of your boards. Also, remember to add to them frequently to keep your followers engaged and to make your boards easier to discover.

Next, one of the first things that every business should do once they start their Pinterest account is to add their website to their profile. To add your website, all you need to do is go to settings and click on edit profile at the bottom. You’ll be able to add any website you want, however I would strongly suggest that you validate your Pinterest account as a business account since you’re doing it for your online business. When you validate your business account, your website will receive a checkmark next to it to indicate that the website does belong to you. This is really great for brand protection if you’ve created a pin and you want to drive traffic back to your site. You can put your website URL in your pins description it helps to drive more traffic to your site when people read the description and are able to click on it. However, the website is only clickable on the desktop version of Pinterest and the URL gets cut short but it will be in bold when shown on the newsfeed. This can be extremely helpful in attracting more web traffic from people who are using Pinterest for the first time.

Other than that, putting your website address inside your pins is a great idea because the more people see your website from your pins, the more they are going to be curious to visit it which promotes your brand more effectively. Another reason to put your website on your own pins is to protect your brand and visuals there are people who hijack other’s pins and have them redirected to a different site. The only way that Pinterest can know where to find the pins content is through the website. You can generate traffic for your site by adding a call to action such as a check out this page now in your pin description with a great and attractive offer. Online users will be compelled to click on the link.

Pinterest is no doubt a perfect online marketing platform for online businesses. The more followers you have on Pinterest the greater the reach and effectiveness of your online posts. Thus, you will need to know some tools to get more followers so you can capitalize the most from the social media channel. Viral woot is a great online resource that you can use to increase Pinterest followers. This online tool allows you to gain tens of thousands of followers with just a matter of minutes. Apart from increasing followers, you can also use the tool to promote Pinterest pins, create pin alerts, manage and grow multiple accounts etc. A free trial is available for people to find out how this tool can help to create a strong presence on Pinterest and gain maximum traffic. It only takes one pin to go viral and drive a lot of traffic to your site, so it is important for you to know how to pin it right first.

Create beautiful vertical images for both mobile devices and desktops are important. If you don’t optimize your pins for both mobile and desktops, you will lose some great opportunities to gain visibility for your pins. As we all know mobile usage is very high these days, your images must also stand out because they are competing with hundreds of other pins every single moment. Every social media platform you use needs to be constantly updated so that people will notice your activeness. Pin consistently as users who regularly engage with Pinterest and consistently share great images are rewarded with preferential treatment on the feed.

Last, as a publisher, you can encourage more pins from your site if you improve social sharing on your own business website. This is especially critical for the mobile version of your site because you cannot hover over an image to pin it to your account on your smart phone like you can do on your desktop. Thus, if adding a pin it to your site can make such a difference why not do so?

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