How Do I Get Traffic? – Part 2

As mentioned in my previous lesson, traffic is one of the most important skills that any marketer should learn. It doesn’t matter what business model you choose to do online, if you can’t get traffic you’re doomed to failure. So let me share with you another 4 methods that I like to use over and over again to get new subscribers…

Method #4 – Yahoo Answers!

Yahoo Answers is a great place to gather more subscribers and works just like Forum marketing except when you answer someone’s question, and if it’s considered the best answer, your reply will be placed first ahead of other replies which gets you even more exposure! So where possible, answer a ‘make money’ related question to the best of your ability and leave a link back to your squeeze page. It may require a bit of specialist knowledge but that’s what Google is for!

Method #5 – Articles

Articles are a great way to get free traffic to your site and have a viral effect when done right. A good place to start is Ezine Articles. You simply write a 250-500 word article that relates to what you have to offer on your squeeze page and add an author bio at the bottom with a link back to your site. For example, if you’re offering free report on your squeeze page all about “7 Different Ways To Make Money With Master Resell Rights”, your article can talk about just 1 or 2 methods, explain it in more detail and then finish off by saying something like:

“Acquiring Master Resell Rights to a product is one of the easiest ways of making money online. For 5 more powerful tips, grab the full report at”.

The beauty of articles is that you’re giving out free content with a link and allowing other webmasters to publish the content on their website. If anyone wants to publish your article on their website or blog, they must include your entire article and author bio. The effect is non-stop traffic and if you provide a balance of quality information, but leaving just enough to keep them wanting more you’ll get a lot of interest and clicks to your website.

Method #6 – Ad Swaps

This is one of my personal favourites and should be yours too because it can quickly bring in 100s of new subscribers literally overnight. It works by sending an email to your list that directs them to a fellow marketer’s website and in turn, that marketer will reciprocate by sending an email to their list to go to your website.

It works best when you both have a mailing list of similar size and when you both have something free to offer with a squeeze page. A good place for ad swaps is in the Warrior Forums. Marketers are always on the lookout for ad swaps!

Tip! Some marketers will compromise and will send out an email to a segment of their list to match yours but don’t expect to do an ad swap with another marketer who has a mailing list of 10,000+ whilst you have 100. Either continue using the previous methods to generate more subscribers or find another marketer with a list of similar size.

Method #7 – Outsource It!

All the previous methods require you to do the work, but if you’ve got a bit of cash to work with, it’s worth hiring a freelancer to do all the above for you. A good place to start is Elance.

Start by assigning small jobs first such as hiring someone to post 100 forum comments in forums or post 100 answer in Yahoo Answers, or 10 article write-ups and submissions. Then see how many sign-ups you receive. If for example you receive 100 new subscribers from an outsourced tasked that cost you $50, and from those 100 subscribers you can make $100 from a fire sale promotion you know you’re heading in the right direction.

There are many more traffic methods to use but these are the ones that get results fast! It’s important that you continue to build your list and constantly feed traffic to your squeeze page. Once you’ve got a good sign-up rate, your emails will earn you a lot more so you can eventually outsource the all the traffic methods and continue to add more emails of your own, create your own products or promote more affiliate programs!

Outsourcing traffic is by far one of the fastest ways to grow your business because you’re handing over the work to someone else whilst you continue to create new sites, fresh content and more. Start with just one traffic technique that you like and gradually work your way round to other methods until eventually you’re getting enough traffic and sales that you can start outsourcing the job to someone else!

If you’re looking for more traffic techniques then check out a 13-step course below that shows you how to get traffic for free using the best and most reliable methods…


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