What is Solo Ads?

A low-cost method of being able to get traffic to your website is to purchase a solo ad. A solo ad is a way of buying advertising. It is for you to buy access to the email list of an internet marketer that will mail your link or your capture page or your website out to their list and they will charge you a fee either for the number of clicks or for the mailing.

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Now, there are a number of market places where you can buy solo ads. We are looking at one called the Solo Ad Marketplace. There are other places on the Warrior Forum and Digital Point Forums and if you were to Google solo ads, you’d find a number of providers private now. The Solo Ad Marketplace is a little different because it is a consortium of solo ad providers and they are rated by those who buy the ads. You can sign up to the Solo Ad Marketplace for free. Once you login to the Solo Ad Marketplace, this is really the right place to think about where you’re going to order solo ads. You do want to try to determine what kind of experience people have had in the past with a particular solo and provider and that will give you confidence that you are actually making the right choice when you decide to go with a certain person depending on what their ad says. Now, one of the ways you can do that in a solo ad marketplace, you can look inside of the internet marketing or business opportunity section and then you want to click rating to sort by rating. You want to look for those that have the highest rating where you can see and check for some pricing. You want to try to find someone who has done business with other marketers whose price is within your range and who has a good rating and people who have actually done solo ads.

Finding good solo ads is a bit of a test and you are going to have to go through different sellers and you’re probably going to have to go through different lists until you find one that’s right. Marketplace is not the only place to buy solo ads, but it is a good place to find those who have been rated by others and this is what you want to try to do now. When you actually go and order solo ads, you need to make sure that you have a solid opt-in offer. Before that, you have to make sure that you have your autoresponder in place. Also, you need to make sure that you have a series of emails that follow up. Lastly, you need to start developing a marketing funnel before you order a solo and when you pay for clicks, you want to make sure that you are getting the most for your money.

This is paid advertising, it’s no different than actually buying pay-per-click. However, this is more affordable and if you find a good and a reputable solo ads provider, it is a good way of getting some people onto your list and that list you will use then to send traffic to your website or send them to offers that you have now. The Solo Ad Marketplace is free, so you can get in and you can actually pay for a solo ad with just a free account. Remember, there are a number of providers you want to try and to find a way to rate them if possible.

Udimi - Buy Solo Ads

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