HTML, CSS & PHP Video Tutorials For Internet Marketers

Most ‘wannabes’ that enter internet marketing looking to make a quick buck end up quitting before they’ve really made a start. Whilst they may have been sold on the idea that there’s money to be made online, very few are actually willing to learn the necessary skills to make it happen.

If you want to set up any type of webpage or landing page, you absolutely must know HTML. The reality is that even if you are using visual HTML editors, you will still run into basic coding issues that often prevent you from moving forward. You’ve been running away from trying to learn basic HTML code because it just looks too complicated, but the reality is that these problems will appear over and over again. Soon you will find yourself running in circles!

Learning just the basics of HTML code will allow you to create hyperlinks that link to other websites, add pictures, format your fonts and text, and make your content far more search engine friendly. Even when you encounter site builders or content management systems like WordPress, you will still need to know basic HTML code. The truth is that compared to a lot of other languages, HTML is the easiest to learn.

If you’ve always wanted to build webpages, but were intimidated by the code, this course will help you learn the basics so that you can survive and even thrive in the online world. Right now you can get your hands on 46 ‘how to’ videos that cover HTML, CSS & PHP in simple ‘do this’ and ‘do that’ format.

PHP For Newbies

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